No Water, No World

A Sawyer Taylor Project

My Mission

The ocean’s impact on humankind is immeasurable. Without clean, healthy water, we cease to exist. Let’s preserve the ocean—future generations rely on it.

Join me on my mission.

About Sawyer Taylor

When you grow up in Florida like I did, the ocean is never too far away. So it makes sense surfing has been my passion since I was a kid. As I set my sights on traveling the world to surf as many beaches as possible, I’ve also committed myself to spreading the word of the importance of ocean conservancy. Without clean, healthy water, future generations can cease to exist. I hold this mission close to my heart, and it gives my love of surfing a whole new meaning. Learn about two organizations that share my interest: and

Outside of surfing, I enjoy skateboarding, photo/video editing, and creative design. I also have my lifeguard certification. Contact me today to see what I’m up to and how we can work together.

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